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Risk Mitigation Associates

Risk Mitigation Associates specializes in consulting and training in the areas of cost, schedule and performance risk. Our goals include:

  • Educating our clients in the areas of risk identification, risk analysis, risk mitigation, and contingency planning
  • Educating our clients in the use of standard software for quantative cost and schedule risk analysis
  • Performing independent risk assessments for our clients
  • Assisting our clients in risk identification and risk management

Risk management is very serious business, with valuable rewards when it is done well and costly consequences when it is done poorly. Risk Mitigation Associates recognizes the seriousness of the subject, and the importance of having dedicated personnel who derive personal enjoyment from providing first-class service to our clients. Because people do their best work when they enjoy what they are doing, Risk Mitigation Associates' final goal, for its personnel as well as for its clientele, is: have fun.


25516 Aragon Way
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
TEL  (714) 694-0174
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